There are no hidden extra costs at Perfect Paws, listed below are all the services offered in a "full groom" and included in the price quoted for your breed in my price list. 

  • Brushing through to remove any knots (very matted coats will be assessed & any remedial action required will be discussed with the owner before proceeding). 
  • Shampoo   
  • Conditioner   
  • Drying   
  • Clipping   
  • Hand Stripping  (where appropriate) 
  • Scissor Finishing   
  • Ear Cleaning   
  • Ear Plucking (where required)   
  • Nail Trimming   
  • Dog Cologne/perfume 

Teeth Cleaning - Emmi-pet teeth cleaning appointments can be offered as a stand alone 30 minute session, or added on to your dogs regular grooming appointment.  The 1st appointment is £30, which includes the purchase of your dogs individual & reusable toothbrush head as well as the first clean.  All subsequent cleans are then £10.

In addition I also offer a"bath/face & feet trim"option, which is a reduced price & ideal for low maintenance coats, as well as those dogs requiring an "in between groom" to help manage a difficult coat between regular full groom appointments.  

See the price listed for your breed below: (A "family dicount" is given for 2 or more dogs attending from the same home, please get in touch to obtain your discounted price).

Breeds & Prices:(If your breed is not listed, please get in touch) 

Puppy groom £25 - from 12 weeks to 6 months of age:  This groom is catered towards young puppies & is ideal for getting them used to the salon environment, the sights and sounds of a groom.  Included is a bath, dry, face/feet/nail trim.  Your puppy will be given the chance to explore the salon, play games, and have fun in a calm and stress free environment. 


Cockapoo £38-£40 (full groom) £30 (bath, dry, feet/face/nail trim) 
Cavapoo £38 (full groom) £28 (bath, dry, feet/face/nail trim) 
Cavachon £38 (full groom) £28 (bath, dry, feet/face/nail trim) 
Labradoodle £50(full groom) £35 (bath, dry, feet/face/nail trim) 
Goldendoodle £50 (full groom) £35 (bath, dry, feet/face/nail trim) 

 Gundog Group: 

American Cocker Spaniel £40  
English Cocker Spaniel £35 (smooth coat/no clipping) £40 (full groom) 
English Springer Spaniel £38 
Weimaraner £25 
English Pointer £25 
English/Irish/Gordon/Red&White Setter £45
German Short Haired Pointer £25 
Irish Water Spaniel £40 
Labrador £35 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat) 
Golden Retriever £40 (long coat - Full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat, scissor feathers & feet)
Clumber Spaniel £30 (no clipping) £35 (clipped) 
Spanish Water Dog £40 
Duck Tolling Retriever £35 

Pastoral Group: 

Old English Sheep Dog £50 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat) £60 (fully clipped) 
Border Collie £35 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat, scissor feet & feathers) 
Rough Collie £45 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat, scissor feet & feathers) 
Bearded Collie £30 (bath, dry & scissor) £40 (fully clipped) 
German Shepherd £45 (long hair) £40 (short hair) 
Briard £50 

Terrier Group: 

Border £40 (clipped) £50 (stripped) 
Wire Fox  £40 (Clipped) £50 (Stripped) 
Norfolk £40 (clipped) £50 (stripped) 
Norwich £40(clipped) £50 (stripped) 
Jack Russel £30 (smooth) £35 (Wire)  
Irish Terrier £40 (clipped) £50 (stripped) 
West Highland White £40 
Scottish £40
Airdale £50 (including full clip) £70 (Stripped) 
Bedlington £40
Lakeland £40 
Cairn £40 (clipped) £50 (stripped) 
Staffordshire Bull Terrier £30 

Working Group: 

Doberman £25 
Rottweiler £35 
Bernese Mountain Dog £70 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat) 
Newfoundland £70 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat) 
Black Russian Terrier £55 
Giant Schnauzer £55 

Airdale £50 (clip) £70 (hand strip)

Utility Group: 

Husky £45 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat) 
Akita £40 
Alaskan Malamute £55 (full bath, dry & blast to remove dead undercoat) 
Samoyed £45

French Bulldog £25

Miniature Schnauzer £38 
Poodle £40 (Miniature) £55 (Standard) 
Shih Tzu £40 (clipped) £30 (no clipping) 

Toy Group: 

Toy Poodle £40
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £35 (clipped) £25 (no clipping) 
Bichon Frise £38
Maltese £38 
Yorkshire Terrier £35 (clipped) £25 no clipping) 
Lhasa Apso £40 
Pug £25 
Chihuahua £25 (smooth) £35 (Long)

Pomeranian £38